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Election & Eligibility Information

The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) Natural Resources Program oversees the conservation district elections process. Elections for SWCD directors occur every two years. The next General Election is scheduled for November 5, 2024.

Candidates and districts must follow specific guidelines to advertise the elections and to have candidates’ applications processed and placed on the ballot. ODA notifies the districts and county clerks which positions are to be on the ballot for election, the procedures to follow, and deadlines needing to be met.

Candidates are responsible for submitting the appropriate paperwork to the local county clerk and ODA. Here are the open positions:

2024 Elections for Umpqua SWCD Board of Directors

When:  November 5, 2024
What:  Election to elect board directors to the following positions for the Umpqua Soil and Water Conservation District.

  • Zone 1: 4 years
  • Zone 2: 4 years
  • Zone 3: 2 years
  • At Large 1: 2 years
  • At Large 2: 4 years

Earliest Date to File:  July 18, 2024
Forms Due to ODA:  August 27, 2024, by 5:00 p.m.


Notice is hereby given that on November 5, 2024, an election will be held to elect board director(s) to the following positions for the Umpqua Soil and Water Conservation District:


  • Zone 1: 4 years
  • Zone 2: 4 years
  • Zone 3: 2 years
  • At-Large 1: 2 years
  • At-Large 2: 4 years

Zone boundaries, eligibility requirements, and copies of the required election forms may be obtained by emailing or by calling (541) 662-1341.

Election forms and information may also be found at the Oregon election page

Each candidate must file a “Declaration of Candidacy” and a “Petition for Nomination Signature Sheet” with the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Division. The filing deadline is 5:00 p.m. on August 27, 2024.

The candidate Packet can be found here: (put a link here for the candidate packet) or by going to the website

Director zone boundaries can be found by looking on the Umpqua SWCD Zone Map found here (put a link to the zone boundary map here) or by going to ODA’s interactive Director Zone Map located at the arcGIS website

Requirements for eligibility:

  • The eligibility requirements for district directors were significantly changed i​n SB 775, which was passed in 2023. Please note that as of January 1, 2024, all zone directors must reside in the zone in which they represent. For director eligibility, residency refers to the place in which the candidate is registered to vote.
  • Candidates for At Large positions must reside within the boundaries of the SWCD and be a registered voter in that district.
  • The other positions on the SWCD boards are Zone positions. Zone directors must be registered voters and reside within the zone they represent. In counties with fewer than 250,000 residents,​ eligibility requirements also include:
  • Own or manage 10 or more acres of land in the zones they represent in the district and be involved in the active management of the land; or
  • Indicate an interest in natural resource conservation as demonstrated by serving at least one year as a director or associated director of a district and having a conservation plan that is approved by the district.
Map of the Umpqua Soil and Water Conservation District

SWCD Director Responsibilities:

To effectively exercise the powers and authorities as stated in ORS 568, conservation district boards:

  • Identify local conservation needs, programs, and services
  • Keep its conservation district’s mission (“reason for being”) in focus
  • Work effectively with conservation district staff, cooperating agencies, and partners
  • Implement conservation district programs effectively
  • Be knowledgeable about laws that govern board operations, such as budget, audit, public meetings, and contracting
  • Develop and implement a long-range plan and an annual work plan
  • Report to the public on conservation district programs and accomplishments
  • Inform legislators and local government officials of conservation district accomplishments
  • Recruit, train, and utilize volunteers and associate directors
  • Participate with the Oregon Department of Agriculture in a periodic review of conservation district operations
  • Recruit new conservation district directors and associate directors
  • Seek new partners in conservation efforts
2024 SWCD Director Candidate Packet